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August 31, 2023

Training at MUL at Chair of General and Analytical Chemistry between March and May 2023

As a young researcher at the Geological Survey of Slovenia (GeoZS) and a PhD student at the University of Nova Gorica, I worked and studied at the Department of General, Analytical and Physical Chemistry at the Montanuniversität Leoben (MUL) under the Erasmus+ programme. The stay abroad under the supervision of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Johanna Irrgeher lasted three months (March - May), and the work was related to the PhD and our international MURmap project.

During my visit to MUL, I gained knowledge in the field of analytical chemistry; I became familiar with the work in the laboratories of the Chair of General and Analytical Chemistry, including the procedures for cleaning laboratory equipment and preparing samples for further chemical analysis. After acquiring the basic knowledge, I participated in the measurements of chemical composition of river water, work with inductively coupled mass spectrometry - ICP-MS, sample preparation for measurement of Sr isotope ratio (prepFAST, calibration) and measurement of Sr isotope ratio. During these three months, I also participated in the weekly sampling of the Mur/Mura River and in other work in the laboratory; measurement of alkalinity and preparation of water samples for analysis ICP-MS. I acquired knowledge in the field of acid microwave digestion of suspended sediments, participated in the annual meeting of the MURmap project committee organised by MUL on March 23-24, and attended the conference "Junganalytiker*innen forum" where I presented a poster with the project results so far.

I would like to thank Ulrike Moser for all the valuable hints, advice, explanations and patience in dealing with the equipment that was initially unknown to me. I would like to thank Assoc. Prof. Dr. Johanna Irrgeher for her support and supervision during my internship at the MUL. I am very grateful to the whole group of the Department of General Analytical Chemistry led by Prof. Dr. Thomas Prohaska for the excellent integration into their group and the involvement in all their activities. I would also like to thank the Erasmus+ programme and the Public Agency for Scientific Research and Innovation of the Republic of Slovenia (ARIS) for funding, as well as the Geological Survey of Slovenia and the University of Nova Gorica for making it possible to host at another institution.