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JA*F 2023, Leoben, May 2023

By MurMap

May 13, 2023

From May 11th to12th 2023 the Chair of General and Analytical Chemistry, Montanuniversität Leoben hosted the ASAC Junganalytiker*innenforum 2023 (JA*F). The two PhD students of the MURmap project, Ulrike Moser and Barbara Čeplak, had the opportunity to present their work. Ulrike gave a talk titled: "MURmap - Assessing the natural and anthropogenic impact in a historically contaminated river from (mining) industry", discussing the initial findings of mass fractions, nanoparticles, and Sr isotope ratios obtained through ICP-MS(/MS) and MC-ICP-MS measurements conducted on water samples of the river Mur/Mura.

Barbara, with support from Ulrike, presented a poster titled: "Distribution of elements in stream sediments in the Mur/Mura River by applying ICP-MS", with focus on the chemical composition of stream sediments, mainly distinguishing between natural and anthropogenic impact according to chemical elements in the river channel. Participation in the conference was a great experience and opportunity to network, share knowledge and ideas with students and renowned scientists to build up a base for possible future collaborations.