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MURmap on EWCPS 2023 in Ljubljana

By MurMap

February 06, 2023

From 29th of January to 3rd of February 2023 the European Winter Conference on Mass Spectrometry (EWCSP) took place in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The conference was organized by the National Institute of Chemistry Slovenia (KI); among the members of the organizing committee was also a member of the MURmap project, Dr. Martin Šala.

Almost the whole department of general and analytical chemistry at Montanuniversität Leoben was present, so also Ulrike to present a poster (see picture). Content was the aim of the project, sampling procedure, methodology and first results of the campaigns in spring (May 2022) and summer (August 2022) as well as a first interpretation of the results. Barbara also attended the conference and together with Ulrike they discussed a lot with participants, visited talks and explored a wide range of topics, which are potentially applicable for the MURmap.

It was a great experience to exchange experiences and ideas, to get input from so many interested people, including renowned scientists and to see how huge the response on our project is.