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3rd sampling campaign

February 13, 2023

Finally the 3rd and last MURmap campaign to sample the whole Mur/Mura river took place from 6th to 10th of February 2023. This time the aim was to sample the water and suspended particulate matter at the same sampling spots as in the two previous campaigns, with snow and temperatures down to ‑12°C kept on being challenging, especially in the upper part of the Styrian Mur valley. Despite low temperatures, the weather was sunny and as expected and planned for the winter campaign the water level was low and snow did not melt so far.

As in the 1st campaign we started nearby the spring in Hintermuhr, Salzburg, Austria, but due to the weather situation and the snow conditions it was not possible to take a sample at the very first spot which is only accessible by a trail closed during winter, consequently we decided to take a sample of the tributary Rotgülden river. Further the river sampling continued downstream to the Slovenian-Croatian border. The team proceeding the field work contained members of the Montanuniversität of Leoben (MUL), the Geological Survey of Slovenia (GeoZS) and the National Institute of Chemistry Slovenia (KI).

After spending three campaigns in the field together the team is very well-rehearsed and routines where improved. Doubtless the upcoming smaller field trips to sample tributaries and alluvial sediments will profil from that experiences.