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Sampling of tributaries in the Mur/Mura River catchment in November 2023

November 21, 2023

The last sampling campaign took place from November 21st to 24th 2023. The MURmap team, consisting of members from GeoZS and MUL, took water and sediment (stream and suspended sediments) samples from previously chosen tributaries in the Mur/Mura River catchment area. The sampling went smoothly and according to the established procedures. The sampling started in Hintermuhr, Austria, more precisely at the Rotgüldenbach creek, and ended in Lendava, Slovenia at the Ledava stream.

The team selected 25 tributaries according to preliminary analysis of the main river channel, in order to investigate the factors, influencing the Mur/Mura River and to explain detected anomalies of certain elements. This complement of the dataset will help to close a gap in knowledge of the origin of element peaks in the main river channel and help consequently to distinguish between natural and anthropogenic influences on the river catchment.

With this campaign, we completed the work task of sampling and look forward now to delve into, detailed analyses and accurate interpretation of the results.