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May 31, 2024

MURmap meeting in Ljubljana at the KI, May 2024

An ordinary meeting of MURmap consortium took place on May 27, 2024 and was organized by the National Institute of Chemistry (KI). Participants of the meeting were Johanna Irrgeher (MUL), Ulrike Moser (MUL), Martin Šala (KI), Samo Hočevar (KI), Gorazd Žibret (GeoZS) and Barbara Čeplak (GeoZS).

After some initial words, the meeting started with Gorazd Žibret presenting the project work to date and defined the next steps of the project in collaboration with the other project members. Barbara Čeplak presented the results of the stream and alluvial sediments, followed by Johanna Irrgeher's and Ulrike Moser's presentation about the results of the Sr isotope ratio analysis of water samples, the results of leaching tests, the DGT passive sampling technique and the nanoparticle analysis, and announced future steps. All participants then reviewed the water analysis data and formed the final table, followed by the discussion on the next steps and activities for the final period of the project.

After the meeting, the KI gave a brief tour through the laboratory facilities of the Department of Analytical Chemistry.

The meeting was very productive, and the project team is looking forward to delve into the next tasks for the successful completion of the MURmap project.